2021 Lineup


Folky Strum Strum is a musical concept started in 2004 Raised from the soul fires of North Eastern BC and have been playing professionally for the last 10 years.

The Band now comprises of Brin Porter (bass), Danny Bell (percussion), Iyan Bruvold (banjo, guitar, vocal) growing family and friends. Folky is excited to be burning down the road touring their new album called “Outside the Insides Outside” which has been marinating in the studio for the last 10 years.

Folky Strum Strum is more than excited to share the experience!! 

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Danny Bell & His Disappointments play accordion-led folk punk. What Danny does with his honest lyrics and humble yet strong melody writing on a travelling instrument like the accordion carries the feelings and stories of the down and out everywhere. He does this so well that you'll feel like he’s been your friend for years when you share a long drive with Danny’s album Good Timing Man.  Compelling, comedic and intelligible modern saga sharing, his songs are anthemic for a certain timeless demographic across the continent and beyond.  Based in British Columbia on unceded Lhedli T'enneh territory, Danny’s music is regional. It’s steeped in his affection for his home in the hinterland, a blue collar town, the stink of the pulp mill, and everyday life in Northern BC

Naomi Shore

 Naomi Shore's performance style is real, honest and sometimes, on the verge of over sharing. Her debut solo album - Piece by Piece - is fearless in it's vulnerability, encompassing themes of love, loss, codependency and anxiety. Even when covering such weighty topics Naomi has a way of putting her audiences at ease with her relatable, relaxed banter and story telling. “There is an honesty and depth to the way these songs are written and sung that puts this album (Piece by Piece) into the realm of classic.”

Corwin Fox - Hidden Well Studio

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The Brain Porter is an nontraditional one-man-band. With a stand up bass as his primary instrument, he sings original music themed around the darker things in life, all smothered in subtle humor.

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When asked in 2015 if he would play a local festival, Ryan Sebastiano knew that something was missing and was going to need a rhythm section. Realizing he wasn’t cool enough to front a band with the good local musicians he found Mark Bodner, who he remembered nearly always kept a full beer fridge but had trouble keeping a beat and Conor Okrainec who being a barely passable bass player wouldn’t steal the spotlight away from Ryan’s slick guitar playing. It was a match made in heaven. 

Fast forward 6 years later, Not only has Ryan not had the heart to fire Mark and Conor but also found two other members to round out the band. Dana Peterson was added just for the fact that she was willing to play the keytar and Dan Smart, who while no one knows why exactly he’s in the band, is very polite and punctual. 

After recording their first full length LP in 2019 the good lord himself rained a pandemic on the world in what the band was pretty sure just a way to keep the album from the public, quoted as being a “dick move” by Ryan. 

In spite of the set backs and the general lack of talent, the band is vowing to soldier on because hey why not it’s been like six years and everyone is really getting attached to each other. Like that dirty old pair of shoes you have in your closet, they aren’t that good but in a pinch they’re better nothing, so is Rose Prairie Romance.


Airik Clark is a singer songwriter based in Fort St John, B.C. 
Through the past 10 years Airik has been hosting and playing stages and festivals throughout B.C. all while adding Morning Radio Show Announcer to over 15 years of recording, performing & songwriting experience under his thumb
Drawing on influences like Lenny Kravitz and Colin James to some of Canada’s greatest acts: Matthew Good, Sam Roberts and the Trews, Airik has created his own unique musical texture fit for life in the North.


Simply Humble Folk is a small duo band from Grande Prairie, AB. A husband wife team, Tammy and Ray O’Toole have been singing together for 7 years. They have a folk/bluesy sound.

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Ben Matchett

Everything I write is based on the emotion of the day. I don’t have a method, I feel something and try to put it into words. If I happen to have a guitar when it happens I strum the same 4 chords I always use, and then later re-work the guitar. The “magic” is in being honest with myself in the moment and not knowing any better on the guitar, ignorance is bliss when it comes to putting together a chord progression - it sounds good or it doesn’t, your ears don’t lie. As I age, and the young, prideful, insecure boy fades away, I find it easier to write about my emotions. It’s almost a therapy to feel them, put them into words, and wrap them up in a song.

The Party On High Street

Since finding each other in Nelson, B.C. back in 2008, The Party on High Street has worked tirelessly to bring it's signature feel-good funk jams to the people. They are a lively dance-inducing mix of funk, folk, and jazz-fuelled rock n' roll, joyfully delivered and presented like a funbomb waiting to make you jive. The band sings of peculiar youthful enchantments, weird love, and some of the odder aspects of life. With 8 studio albums and hundreds of live shows under their belt, The Party on High Street are seasoned professionals who will leave you wishing the party never had to end.


Patchwork is an integrated act of musicians who all currently reside in Prince George, BC. Their style ranges from bluegrass influenced folk with a dusting of old blues to alternative country fusion, all while maintaining a lively sense of rock and roll energy. Their live shows are packed full of emotion, and their unique blend of folk rock is sure to keep you on your toes throughout the night. Through their songs they will share stories of lost love, misadventures in the rugged B.C. wilderness, and lessons learned along the way.

Joseph te Bulte

As a songwriter, Joseph works to communicate emotion and to feel the story of his characters. Listeners experience this connection to the songs as well. His aim is to bring people together through his music. 

The majority of his songs are story and experience driven:from growing up in rural BC, to loss and spiritual questioning, and tales of grizzled countrymen. Joseph makes his home in Fort St John, in the heart of BC’s Peace Country. Joseph is also the principle songwriter in the Alt-country band, Last Horse Standing. He has been performing for audiences since 2011.

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Matt Patershuk

Matt Patershuk’s music has a rare quality that allows his songs to go deeply in and weave into the fabric of the experiences of everyone who hears them. 
He’s different from other roots artists in how he carefully avoids well-worn and cliché topics, and if the themes of land, work and love lost sound familiar, his perspective is highly individual. Patershuk’s songs often catch people at the brink, hovering on the cusp of a tough decision.  As a songwriter, he is a master at sensitively finding a new angle from which to express the hard times we all go through.

Genevieve Jade.jpg
Genevieve Jaide is a northern blooded songstress with stories to tell. These stories will leave your foot tapping, face smirking, and transcend you into a state of almost awkward bliss. Her booming sweet gypsy jazzy voice captivates the audience and brings the room to a state of presence that is rare to witness. She’s accompanied by Nick Tindale on percussion, and Brock Paciejewski on the tele and back-up vocals. Together they tackle delivering Jaide’s dark lyrics in a fun, unassuming way. Her songs are lyrically heavy, brutally honest and uncomfortably vulnerable, you won’t want to miss a word. 
Born and raised in Prince George, BC, Genevieve finds inspiration from the rich nature of the north and spends most of her time outdoors walking her dog. Genevieve studied music at Selkirk College in Nelson, BC, and has since been working from her home studio in Prince George where she teaches many forms of music to all ages, specializing in vocal care. Having had a rough past with a vocal condition named “Nodes,” Genevieve decided to start to train others, sharing her knowledge and preventative techniques to singers and public speakers.
The Mechanical Botanicals

The Mechanical Botanicals are a Welsh/Canadian duo consisting of Lydia Mannion (Canadian) and James Mannion (Welsh). Based in the picturesque small town of Tumbler Ridge in beautiful British Columbia the pair have been performing as The Mechanical Botanicals since 2016. With tunes to get you on your feet and harmonies to drop you to your knees, The Mechanical Botanicals deliver their own take on roots/folk music.

    The pair focus heavily on their dynamic harmonies and vocal strengths, blending their voices effortlessly. Combining their individual influences and experiences the pair have a chameleon-like style, allowing them to delve into the blues when needed or cross the line into country as they see fit! The Mechanical Botanicals repertoire of originals and classic covers lend themselves well to the pairs soulful style - all of this packaged up with humorous tales and stories from this duo's mechanical botanical life.

Lorissa Scriven

Lorissa has an indefinable quality, a wildness — like unkempt grass. She grew up in a small town set deep in the yawn of the Peace River Valley in Northern British Columbia, and her life has been rich in music and wild places. Feeding the wildfire of music within, since 2009 she has been recording, touring and creating music with an eclectic mix of artists across Canada. Her album ‘Be the Change’ and collaborations ‘Wildwood Soul’ and ‘The Golden hour’ reflect, in their diversity, her deep respect for beauty in all its forms. With silky-sweet vocals and a rich cast of instrumentals, her music feels like the fondest road trip memories, or lazy days in the long grass; like a golden afternoon’s dreams.

The Bitner Oshun Brothers

From the brush-cut days of Charlie Lake to the hippy-styles in town" Brothers growing up outside a small boom-town in northern BC, through many years and incarnations of duos and bands together, to recent full album of all original material. A homegrown mix of acoustic styled songwriting.

Kiki The Eco Elf.jpg

Tanya Lipscomb, an award-winning, touring singer/song writer and mother of 3 developed a character named "Kiki the Eco Elf" in 2008. "Kiki" is bright, colourful, silly and highly enthusiastic! She has released 3 independent children's albums since 2010, performed at 100s of festivals and family events and has shared the stage/opened for Charlotte Diamond, Fred Penner, Splash n' Boots and Bobs & Lolo.  

It is her joy and passion to raise environmental awareness and promote sustainability as well as compassionate kindness, musical expression, creativity and joyful play. She captures audiences with up-beat music, engaging the crowd to sing along, clap, stomp and dance. Kiki involves young and old alike, with interactive games and story-telling and enthralls children (and the young at heart) with her larger than life stage presence, inspiring them to make positive, creative choices to better the world.

Dirty Little Kitchen

Dirty Little Kitchen is an all female band originating from the Peace Region. The group consists of Dori Braun (songwriter, lead vocals, harmonies, guitar, banjo) Moneca Hilton (harmonies, mandolin, accordion), and Jodi Rushton (bass) The original DLK was formed nearly 10 yrs ago and has evolved over the years. They play a mix of fun folk/blues, heart-warming originals,and cover tunes. An exciting and sweet blend of harmonies make this group an all around good time!


The Heirs

The Heirs have a unique relationship as mother and daughter.  It’s a pleasure and a constant challenge playing with one another and it shows in their music!  If they’re not killing each other during songwriting and recording sessions, they are certainly trying.  The demanding diva attitude that Madisyn has adopted (not from Tamsyn’s side of the family!) causes more than one occasion of eye rolling and frustration that is clearly palpable.  Tamsyn has her own taste of a controlling attitude coupled with over-reactivity which they both of course, share intimately.  As I’m writing this, Madi said “that’s not fair!  I have more issues than you?? bull$&*!”   As you can see, we hope to entertain you as well as astound you with our rare ability to actually get anything done considering the fact that we’re both pretty much the same in terms of our attitudes!  Our musical styles include yelling, spatting, snapping, whining and of course, swearing.  But don’t forget all the love and laughs as well! We’ve amazed ourselves that we’ve managed to get this far together and despite our differences and similarities, we know we’ll be having fun jamming for years to come! 


Garry Oker is a multi-talented local Dane-zaa singer, musician, artist, and storyteller! Garry captivates his audience with country-style guitar, rhythmic singing, and beautifully told tales of his people and the land.

Peace Valley Folk Fest
Aug. 06, 4:30 p.m. – Aug. 08, 12:30 a.m.
10801 Dudley Dr, Hudson's Hope, BC V0C, Canada